Is He A "Water Waster"?

This may be an odd question... but this is really irking me. I am 18, and I live with my parents. My older brother (who is 30), has recently decided to move to our state (CA), to be closer to us. For now, while he gets back on his feet, he is staying with us for 2 months.

When I was a kid, my dad drilled into me how important it was to save money and how bills can pile up quickly. As a result, I am very maticulous about light usage and water usage. Everyone in my family takes ONE shower a day... but I have noticed something about my brother and it pisses me off:

-He takes a shower in the morning.
-He goes to the gym (doesn't shower at the gym) and comes home and takes another shower
-He then takes another shower at night

So... he is taking 2-3 showers a day!!!

Last night, he got home from the gym at 11pm and he asked me if I was going to get into the bathroom. When I said "no", he took a shower. I woke up this morning at 5am to get ready for school, and he is was in the shower again!! Why would he need to take 2 showers like that?

I just feel he is wasting water...

I mean... if you get home at 11pm and you're not going out again... why take a shower? He got at at freakin' 5am and took another shower. He could have ditched the 11pm shower and just took one shower at 5am or later that day. It doesn't make much sense.


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  • Well, I very much agree with your dad, though I think he taught you the right thing for the wrong reason. Sure, saving money is a great side effect but what pisses me off about water wasters is that they don't give a fuck about the environment. Clean, fresh water is an incredibly precious and rare resource and so many people (especially in the US!) don't realize this. About 98% of all the water on our planet is salt water. Only a tiny, minute minority of the water we have on earth is water we can drink, we can shower with, wash our face with etc.. There are millions of people in the world who don't have the luxury to drink enough fresh water, let alone take daily showers.
    Personally, I think your brother is definitely a water waster. There is absolutely no reason why anybody has to take 3 showers a day. Like yourself, I usually take one shower per day. Now during the winter, when I don't go out of the house for a couple of days in a row and I don't sweat, I actually sometimes take one shower every other day. It's not even necessary to have more and it's stupid to take more showers if you're not dirty. I don't work out so much but when I do, I just don't take a shower in the morning and instead take one after the work-out. I mean, there's absolutely no good reason why anybody would take a shower, go running and take a shower already again. That's like letting the tap water run simply because you think it's fun.

    • LOL... What you said here:
      "I mean, there's absolutely no good reason why anybody would take a shower, go running and take a shower already again. That's like letting the tap water run simply because you think it's fun"

      AAANDD this is exactly what he does! It's so stupid and is doesn't make sense! Here a "mock schedule" of his shower time:

      8am - Get up and take a shower

      11 am - go to the gym for an hour

      1 pm - take another shower

      AND here is the problem right there. When he is not at the gym, he sits inside all day looking for jobs. So... why the fuck would he even need to take a shower after the gym? Or... if he is going to sit inside all day... why not just take 1 shower? You know?

      I only take 1 shower during the day... EVEN if I do go to the gym... I don't shower again, but I do freshen myself up... but I don't require a 2nd shower. I just don't understand why he needs so many showers.

    • Yeah, I totally get you. It pisses me off too when people do that. I think there's also the problem that in the US (I don't know about Canada), there's this total, crazy obsession with being clean almost to the point of being sterile. I've lived in the US for some time and I thought it was insane to what ends people go just to make sure that they're extra clean all the time. I'm not saying I like being dirty but it feels like in America, everyone constantly wants to live as though they lived in a perfume commercial or something like that (it's even crazier in the conservative parts of the country cuz Californians tend to be more aware of the water shortage). It goes to the point where you can't even criticize this attitude because you're automatically considered dirty. For example when I told people in America that I sometimes only shower once every day, they thought that was disgusting. Simply because there's a societal RULE that says "thou shalt take a shower every day". Well, I

    • think that's idiotic. You should take a shower when you're sweaty and dirty and not simply because it's a new day. I knew a guy in America who told me that he wears all his clothes (including sweaters and pants etc.) only for ONE DAY. Now, I guess I could understand that if he worked on a building site or in a mine or something like that. But he literally sat in his air conditioned office on his computer all day long. I mean, just imagine the water this guy wasted simply by doing so much laundry. Let alone the time he wastes for doing laundry in which he could do something much better.
      I think the only thing to change something about your problem is to talk to your brother about it. And perhaps also tell your dad about it as well.

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  • i take 3 showers a day, but i don't waste any water.

    my 3 showers a day is probably still using way less water than some normal person's 1 morning shower.

    i literally get in, quickly scrub and shampoo and then get the fuck out, it's literally like a minute. i don't have time for luxurious showers.

    so I'd say the number of showers are fine unless your bro is just standing in there thinking about the universe. tell him to do that shit right before bed.

    • My brother takes 10 minute showers

  • I can understand you, I just shower once a day and I think that this is enough to keep clean. However, it's not uncommon in Brazil (where I live) to see people showering 2 - 5 times a day. I also feel that it's a waste of water in normal situations.

    • It's a huge freakin' waste of water:

      -My dad has to take a shower
      -My mom has to take a shower
      -My younger brother takes a shower
      -I take a shower

      So... that's 4 times. THEY my older brother takes 2-3 showers... that 6-7 showers -_- and his 2 extra showers are unneeded.

    • And the water bill in the end of the month is bigger, not counting the waste. It's a bad habit, this wasting habit. Not counting that California was suffering with a draught some time ago (or you still are). One more reason not to waste water.

  • Sounds like he's got OCD...