How annoyed on a scale of 1-10 would you be if someone sent you a letter like this?

This 'friend' of mine (who I am embarrassed to admit I was ever friends with), sent me this over the top letter starting with, 'you have set yourself up for tears.'

When I showed someone the letter (someone who cared about me), they got so mad, they said I should've cut off ties with her right that second because what kind of a dumbass person actually wants to hurt people like that? The type who enjoy seeing you miserable.


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  • Like what? What letter?

    • She sent me an essay on facebook.

      Why do I always get stuck with lame people like this

    • Is there an image on the question that is not showing up for me?

    • How happy are you that GAG chose me as MHO? Eh?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Any particular reason that made her write that?

    • Well she's always been jealous of me and knew I was depressed. That made pretty much this whole thing reek of personal vindictiveness.

      What kind of a person strikes at another knowing they're depressed? It's like attacking someone on their lowest low knowing they can't fight back.

    • If that's the reason cut the bitch off <3 ;)

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  • return to sender with a note attached, "wrong address" lol


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  • I wanna read it

    • It's like an essay lol it went on and on about herself.

      Like I said I'm embarrassed I was ever friends with her