I just found out I got catfished and I'm not sure how to react?

On Saturday I got a call from an unknown number and when I answered it they were like "don't you recognise my voice?" and I said no and my friend asked if it was this boy we both know that I had kissed a few days before. So we spoke that day for like 3 hours and then the next few days too for ages. I had it in my head that it was this guy until today, he rang me and we had a normal conversation up until the end where he said "i have to confess something, this isn't...". So I messaged the boy who I thought I had been speaking to on the phone to say someone had rang me pretending to be him and asked if it was in fact him who had been ringing me previously to which he replied he had never ever rang me before. I'm so annoyed. I was getting all happy and being vulnerable with a stranger who I don't even know. I feel like I've opened myself up and I feel so so ashamed.


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  • Wow that's tough. Either you could be victim of a bad joke, either there's someone trying to get informations about you.
    Seems strange though : do you have the phone number of that guy (let's call him the boyfriend not to confuse)? Then why did you believe it was him on the other side?
    If you are sure that you have been phished, you must still have the random guy's number in your phone. Obviously he knows you a little - at least he knew the name of the boyfriend etc. Have you given him private informations that a random guy doesn't need to know? Or is it alright?
    Difficult to react in such a situation... I wish you good luck ;-)


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