If you don't leave your home for 3-4 days straight, do you feel restless?

I've been in since Friday and haven't done anything productive or talk much to anyone except my mom.

Do most people feel as restless as I do when I'm trapped at home? I don't even feel like doing any work because I'm so sick of being at home.


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  • i've pretty much been at home for months... and yes, i get restless :/

    • Never leaving even to go out to the grocery or somethign?

      I haven't even left teh house to go outside for a walk. It's like I'm in jail for 3-4 days.

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    • what country are you in? I'm from a cold country so 5 degrees is not cold for us

    • murica... what about you?

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  • If I don't leave my house for even one day, I'll eat everything inside and dread going out for a the rest of the week. I'll basically ave to force everything else to happen.

    • So you get restless too?

      I feel like I'm losing my mind when I stay at home

    • Oh yeah for sure. I go crazy from boredom and just not doing anything. I think it's worse for people who like to be out. That's why I have a hard time when it comes to holidays.

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  • This is why I love exercise, I feel terrible if I'm indoors in one place all the time, try taking a walk or going on a run


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  • The only time I don't leave my home for 3-4 days is if I'm deathly ill.

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