Anybody here ever tried psychic reading and did it work for you?


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  • I have been to a few (my mother is fully into them). They tell you mostly good stuff, and steer away from the bad. But in general, they have told me a whole lot of stuff that you can probably guess by looking at me, and stuff that most people want to hear... you will find love... you will have a family.. you will travel...

    Though, one lady seemed to nail it. She told me that my father was going to have heart problems (and not the standard heart attack stuff), and he does have a rare heart condition - which due to him, I found out I do too... She also told me that I was going to have blue eyed babies (I have brown eyes, black hair and am Maori - so chances are pretty slim there), and now I have three blue eyed babies. she also told me that a blue eye'd baby girl was trying to make contact with me from the other side... my big sister had blue eyes and died in infancy. She said I would travel before my 30's - I spent four years over seas. She told me I had had my heart broken by a boy who ran off with my best friend... and that had literally happened a month prior... so all in all... my experience has told me that most are full of shit and are saying what you want to hear, but you never know, you may stumble upon one who may have some ability. Good luck.

    • Wow! I wish I could talk to this lady. Sounds like she really knew her stuff

    • If only I could remember her name, I would probably go back to her.

  • Nope, never done it.
    It's forbidden in my religion.