Are minorities keeping racism alive?


minority here.

Sink your claws into this one GaG. I know you will.

p. s., if you have an issue with the poll, do tell, I made this question in under 2 minutes.

  • Yes-100% they do it all (not minority in country)
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  • Yes-100% they do it all (minority in country)
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  • No-100% they do nothing (not minority in country)
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  • No-100% they do nothing (minority in country)
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  • Racism is perpetuated by the people of power. There are events which tarnish the fight the minorities carry on. But it's not something they can create since it's also a system built to disenfranchise them.
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  • If I could go outside and not have water thrown on my mum by white guys then I might agree with you. People think racism doesn't happen as often as minorities make it out to be BC it doesn't happen to them. They never see it all. I walk in the snow and I'm afraid to put my hood on. Afraid to put y hand in my own pocket in a store.. Mostly BC I'm usually followed around there and they might think I pt something in. My friend was told she'd never get an a BC she was black.. by her professor!


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  • Minorities aren't keeping it alive, it's just some people think we shouldn't talk about our experiences with racism cause "talking about it makes it worse, we should just stop talking about it and it'll go away" <- Pure. Fuckery. They're just trying to shut you up and dismiss and discredit your points. How does me getting angry at that cop for profiling me encourage and breed racism? Me getting mad that my job application was trashed cause it had an ethnic name on it is encouraging racism? I see people who try and shut others up for talking about their experiences the same way as those who defend cops who slaughter unarmed people in the streets, either you're ignorant or lowkey/not so lowkey racist. Isn't incredible how victims get more hate than the perpetrators? Smdh. Movements born out negative events get more shade thrown their way than what cause the rally in the first place. The dehumanizers will then have the audacity to claim and pompously strut around like they're more humane and civil than the victims, oh I mean savages, or thugs, or whatever the fuck they say nowadays. A guy who has an issue with BET will be taken seriously and "allowed" to speak while a victim of police brutality will be told he's being racist somehow and whining. Telling...

    I voted D only cause I didn't read E yet.

  • Well first of all I have to take issues with the fact that your only options are "100%". I think that as with most things in life, the truth is somewhere in between.
    I do think that minorities are doing things to do keep racism alive, for example, claiming to be disadvantaged or having more of a struggle because of the color of their skin, or blaming so many things on the fact that they are (black, Asian, mexican, whatever).
    The fact is that there ARE examples of people who come from those very same minorities, up against sometimes even more difficult odds, but have risen to high levels of success in whatever field is being discussed (education, business, athletics, politics, etc.).
    The difference is, those people didn't focus on all the reasons why their skin color or country of origin was preventing them from doing whatever they wanted. They dealt with the added challenge, put their head down and got to work, and didn't make excuses.

    And things like "Black Lives Matter", to me it just seems to make race an even bigger issue than it is, separating people even more and dividing races further by making such a bold distinction between "Black" and everyone else.

    I'm not saying that there aren't ways in which the "system" is flawed, in some cases BADLY, but I don't see how claiming that folks who say "ALL lives matter" are racists is going to make any positive change, if anything it just makes people like myself feel less favorably about the people who are so strongly in to the BLM "movement".

    I like people for who they are, and I think more people are like this than there are genuine racists. If you're black and you're cool, respectful, polite, whatever... Sweet, I like you. If you're obnoxious, disrespectful, self-entitled, rude, and you happen to be black, I probably won't like you.
    Same goes for white people too... If you're an asshole, I probably won't like you. If you're cool, I'll probably like, or at least respect you. It has wayyyy less to do with race or color than it does actions, behavior, and the kind of vibe you have.

    Hopefully this makes sense and helps answer the question...

    • Because BLM was never saying all lives don't matter, all lives matter is just a way to attack and quash the BLM movement. The only ones that are trying to separate people are the All Lives Matter folks.

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    • *and the lesser value given to black lives*


      I'm not saying that black lives don't matter, and I'm not saying that the police are always in the right and that there's not injustice that goes on, but at the same time, the story is RARELY that an innocent, respectful, law-abiding citizen gets murdered by the police because he/she is black... As far as I'm aware, most of the time it's people who are in the process of committing some sort of crime (resisting arrest, for example) that bad things happen.

      Just saying.

      Okay, go ahead, call me a racist asshole... I'm ready for it. (Because I know I'm not. Racially insensitive, sure. But not racist.)

  • Racism is not perpetuated by the people in power, unless we are acknowledging them defending the behavior of minorities. Every time a white cop is involved in a black criminal what happens? We assume that the white cop is racist. Look at ferguson, a black criminal assualted a white cop and the cop defended himself, muliple witnesses attested to it, so the black community rioted destroying their own town. This makes whites hate blacks because they are constantly being treated as if their racist when evidence shows otherwise (thus increasing the odds that they become racist) The black community acting out in such a way tells the world that this is how the black community conducts itself which is not good yet media and government try to tip toe around the issue and make it seem as if the black minority where victims when in fact they where the victimizers. This creates an inbalance, in short its like having two children one which you don't allow to get away with anything and the other you allow to get away with everything. Obviously this is going to increase tention between the two. Then we look at for instance your last option which is what many groups have tried to instate as the new term of racism (originally it was simply one ethnic group treating another ethnic group differently either by viewing them as inferior or in some cases superior (western society and how it viewed Asian society early in the 1900s). This quite literally creates a racist system as it states that only one group is racist (in this case whites) and every one else is victims. You have now stated that whites are inferior because they are less moral and more hostile then other groups you also create a system that is racist because it refuses to acknowledge its own racism and by extention its privledge to be racist (which is an institution and power thus causing the new definition to actually apply to the very people its attempting to absolve of responsibility) We instate laws and social constructs that only benefit the minority population (we refuse to acknowledge that most violent crimes are commited by blacks (9x more likely to commit armed robbery, 3x more likely to murder, twice as likely to kill a white then a white is to kill a black, 2x as likely to pull a gun on a police officer) most sex crimes are commited by middle easterners (an issue in the UK), minority hiring laws etc.) This makes them a privledged class and the native/majority populace the second class citizens.

    • The result is deepening gulfs between the groups as one is told they can do no wrong and the other told they can only do wrong. So while government (and media) could be said to be the source of the racism the fact is they are only doing this because the minority groups themselves demand it. If you look historicly every group has been the minority at some point (specificly in america) the irish and italians being a good example. Yet they are not now, why? They where held accountable for their actions, if an italian commited a crime it reflected on all italians so what would happen is instead of the italian community stateing that they are all individuals and should not be judged they would beat the person, verbally or physically, who commited the crime. They would berate and ostricise them, the community would not tolerate that behavior because it made all of them look bad. This created a system within the community that heavily discouraged the negative behaviors

    • (no different then parenting really, in fact social shaming is really just the next step up from parental shaming) the community became safer and more productive and upon seeing this the smaller community was then absorbed into the larger community. In short the community showed that it had its stuff together that they where functional and that they where trust worthy as a whole which is what allowed the italians and the irish and the jewish communities (and every other group) to acclimate into the population. Now if you look blacks have been here (in america) for as long as other groups yet if we look they are actually worse off now then they where in the fifties (higher employment rates more stable family life etc and it was a much more racist time). Why? Because the civil rights movement destroyed the system for the black community that acclimated so many others (its also damaging other groups as well to a lesser extent).

    • The civil rights movement was not bad mind you but it disrupted a system it did not understand ( not uncommon, we usually figure it out when things go wrong) and so good intentions lead to a dysfunctional system that has actually created more strife rather then removing it. In short when we tell a minority community that they are the victims, they bellieve they lack the power to change anything so they stop trying. They wait for some one else to come in and fix their communities for them instead of doing it themselves (the only way to fix them) So it is the minority groups who create the racism but the system of power not setting its foot down that allows it to reach absurd levels.

  • Your options are "yes, they are solely responsible," "no, they bear no responsibility," and word salad which basically says "no, they bear no responsibility."

    Here is my answer:
    Yes, they do, to some degree.
    There will always be people who are racist against minorities for no good reason other than the fact that they are hateful people. But when some members of a minority seem to go to great lengths to intentionally embody all the most negative stereotypes a majority might have against their minority, they are causing problems, because they are, through their stupid, selfish actions, "proving" racists right.

    two examples:
    1) worked with a black guy. well spoken, VERY smart, one of the most capable people I've ever known. He told me, in depth, how he was mocked, disowned, and even threatened, by black neighbors, classmates, friends, and even his brother, for "selling out and getting a job" rather than beat the streets with them. Working, paying taxes, marrying the woman he got pregnant? All "white man bullshit" that he was abused for.
    The kind of people who would treat him like that? They fuel racism in the minds of people who might otherwise NOT BE RACIST.

    2) another guy, a temp. Very smart. Good worker. Made it very clear the job was short term. Needed a paycheck. His goal in life? Pimp. Find some desperate women, and whore them out. "That's how a black man SHOULD make his money. Not doing this cracka-ass bullshit."
    How am I supposed to respect him? Respect the culture he comes from? I can't. Simple can't.

    When some black dude tells me about how the white man keeps him down, because he's been in jail 8 times by age 30? As if breaking and entering, assault, having a gun with a filed off serial number, and selling crack cocaine, are all perfect legal things and he ONLY got busted because "cops be racist," I call bullshit, and his attitude, whether I want it to or not, especially when I've dealt with dozens or hundreds like him, influence how I see black people as a whole.

    And when they attack me? are racist towards me? see me as the enemy, not for anything I've done, but just because I'm white? Their hatred of me for my skin color ALSO keeps hatred alive.

    I thank God every day for my black neighbors, co-workers, etc, who have proven to me that blacks are not less than whites. They are why I am not racist. Because if I did not have them in my life, but did have the other examples? My outlook would be very different.

  • large in part i do not think minorities perpetuate racism. racism is perpetuated by racist people who commit acts of discrimination and racism. i think some minorities sort of fan the flames of racism but large in part racism (which has largely become institutionalized) is perpetuated by those who commit the acts

  • It isn't the minorities it's the minorities "you owe me" attitude that keeps it alive and their not wanting true equality. If they wanted true equality they'd get rid of affirmative action. Until they do that I don't want to hear a fucking thing from them

    • Are you a minority with a 'you owe me' attitude?

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    • That still didn't answer my question. Affirmative Action is to get minorities hired not female majority. Whites don't want it. So if it isn't benefiting you then why does the vast majority of blacks including the president want to keep it? Get rid of it or shut up about racism

    • Women were considered minorities at certain colleges and in certain job fields. Also, you dont' speak for all white people just like I don't speak for all non-white people. So, you don't know what whites want because you aren't every white person. And no, I don't have to shut up about anything that I go through. Until you experience exactly what I have/or other non-white people have just for being ourselves then you can shut up. When a black college student is called 'nigger bitch' for simply walking around campus, what the hell does affirmative action have to do with her situation. You are extremely out of touch with reality, and it would be nice if you could take a step back from affirmative action, since you're obviously obsessed with it, and actually listen to people.

  • Yes.
    Most of the people in my school are minorities, most being black and Mexican, and no, most of them aren't racist, but you see many (especially Mexicans) talk with some sort of dislike towards white people, and they also put themselves down, like they're victims of something that is not there.

    I've never been out of the Chicago area, but from what I've seen these 2 years, minorities tend to be more racist.
    And not just in America, if I go back to my home country, Indians and Moroccans also acted like they were victims, always crying.

    So in my 20 years of life, where I've lived in 2 countries and dealt with different minorities, I am 100% sure that minorities are the ones keeping racism alive.

    • Have you ever lived as a minority in a country to maybe have a shared perspective?

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    • Again, I completely agree with you.

    • Most people aren't openly racist. You is don't notice it. When you're always being followed in stores you notice it. When you're not you don't. When people throw water on your mum got her skin colour you notice it.

  • Racism is perpetuated by the people of power. There are events which tarnish the fight the minorities carry on. But it's not something they can create since it's also a system built to disenfranchise them.

  • lol i had a great day I did a lot of drills with lifeguarding, i got to inadvertently touch boob but only on accident when i was trying to get the floatation thing under her, yes yes you are a minority you damn maggot infested corpse, i mean there are others like you... just less lively.
    You already know my answer I think with the way america right now it is right in the thicket of change some would argue that those problems have been fixed, some would argue that they are still hurting and/or blame everyone for their situation in life; both sides are frankly ill informed in their opinion by the media. Hence I believe both sides are idiots and wish people could stop reading into so much shit. They need to go about this differently with informed decisions rather than just throwing the things out there like "we are so repressed" or "those people are animals". gahhh fuck this crap, I get so heated over it because im infuriated by it, its not logical, yet its still occurring. I feel like the one percent who say, these arguments are pointless, on both sides, stop reading into shit or dealing with past scars that aren't even yours presently and stop being a bunch of racist pricks with the intent of picking on one race out of spite. And then the media can go fuck themselves. When you hear of black on white crime or white on black crime its all over the news but, you don't hear of crime by people of color. Some would say this is another mark against white guys... but its fucking not. Is it? Its what society want to watch and frankly with the blacklivesmatter movements radicals bringing up racism such like all young white boys are like young snakes and this bullshit it means me and other white dudes have to be the brunt of it. When in reality its past ancestors on both sides of the spectrum that fucked it up and pass down the hatred. Like the fuck. Anyways im going fishing.

  • No but I voted for E.

    I think it's easier to love than to hate but people in power want everyone divided. The working class outnumbers those in power by overwhelming numbers. Those in power want to protect their power.

    • I'm embarrassed and disappointed that A is so high. As usual, women seem to display more empathy than men.

    • I can't believe that so many people think people of color 100% do everything to keep racism alive. It's a huge slap in the face to everything negative my family or I have ever gone through in America for being who we are.
      Yea, I'm disappointed right now too.

    • Yeah we still have a long way to go. People who think racism and discrimination are over are just living in a fantasy.

  • Yes.

    Because of slavery, black people in the 21st century have a chip on their shoulder about racism, thinking that when black people underachieve in life, it's because the white man is keeping them down. This is completely ludicrous. Considering that blacks and whites have equal rights and we have a black president. Nobody is trying to take away black people's rights in 2016.

  • Greed, dominating traits and hunger for power creates the desire

    It always has and always will... we were doomed before we even started

  • This doesn't just apply to racism, but any situation where someone is "oppressed".
    If people put half the effort into fixing the problem as they did into sitting around bitching about it, the problem would go away.
    I think it was Einstein, could be wrong, said "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right". If people go through life playing the victim, that's exactly what you'll be.

    • Do you think trying to open up dialogues is a form of bitching or is an action that strives for equality and understanding via communication?

  • ya think E stands out enuff? lol

    racism exists because not everyone can humor themselves over stereotypes

    • How do you humor yourself over the the stereotypes surrounding people like you?

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    • "racism exists because not everyone can humor themselves over stereotypes"

      So racism is just jokes about race. What a horribly misinformed worldview and you're 40, definitely too late. It almost doesn't dignify a response. Whatever bullshit you say next for sure won't dignify one.

    • @BangBadBxtches ad hominem

  • Racists are a minority, indeed.

  • Yes, I have been called "white" for speaking properly, or for liking different music. I am called this but other black people and even some white people.

  • in my experience it is the minorities that are more raciest

    • In what way?
      And do you think a 100 minorities distrusting white people is more or less detrimental to the group than 100 white people distrusting minorities?
      What do you think power means in this country and how power influences every under that person's influence?

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    • Nevermind.

    • @BangBadBxtches I didn't remove anything from this thread. Seems you angered someone pretty bad.

      @jakeofalltrades What do you mean by that. It's a pretty vague statement. What are the things white people do that people of color don't like? And what do you think racism means and how it influences people in this country that aren't white?

  • The reason racism exists is because the sterotypes are true on some level.
    Black men leave their children. This happens a lot. Native Americans are lazy that happens a lot as well. Yes they don't do anything to change their majority of what is well known and not good to be known for. Has it progressed to where some of them have disappeared? Yes but much more progress to come
    So yes the minorities keep that racist knowledge alive.

    • Do you think trends in certain ethnic groups means it's ok for a system of unbalanced power and lessening the value of non white lives?
      Who do you think has the burden to try and make the system better? And what group would make the fastest changes if they tried to change how things are?

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  • Honestly by this point. After hearing so much about racism. What does my opinion matter? I'm So white I'm translucent and blind cameras from being so pale. So any opinion I have I will be hated on and be told I don't know what I'm talking about. Any other race would just say I'm just another stupid white person. They are probably right I am white and probably stupid about certain subjects. I don't know what it feels like to be them. All I can do is observe what goes on. Who does the most damage and who doesn't.

    My boyfriend from Portugal has told me horrible things that happen at night in Lisbon. Basically NEVER go out at night in that city. You will be mugged by black people there. I'm saying this as his friend said he's been mugged about 5 times by now by black people in that city. Yes they physically beat him up and took his wallet each time. I laughed due to how stupid his friend is for keep going out at night. Then this other incident that happened to this old couple. A group of black dudes beat the old couple (Mainly the old wife) with a baseball bat. Then stole their car. My bf's dad was able to take both to the hospital and the wife was in really bad shape. The cops were close by and did catch the dudes that did that to them.

    I doubt anyone will listen to this since I'm white. Though I believe racism is due to a certain amount of people from a certain race. Enough to scare people and feel threatened by them. Then people become paranoid around them and even terrified of them. Which people will go to extremely lengths when they are terrified of something. So I think fear of what the other race will do to others is what fuels racism.

    I don't blame every race to hate white people honestly. If you think about it that's a bloody history of horrible things we have done. Causing some groups to almost go extinct.

    • I live in Chicago, and as many here know, I'm actually from Spain. So when I got here, in one of my classes, we were talking about the violence in Chicago, which is too high, and a teacher, a black teacher, said that it's not that bad to move around the South Side (predominantly black and with lots of gangs), but then she pointed at me and said "well, you shouldn't go to the South Side cause... well, you know".
      If that's not racism right there, I don't know what it is. And I'm not saying my teacher was racist, not at all, she said that to keep me safe. What's racist is that a white person shouldn't go around a certain area because they'd be killed by black people.

      So I agree with you when you say a certain group of people help racism stay alive. When most gangs in America are black, some people of other races feel threatened, cause how do you know that person belongs to a gang, and the other doesn't? You never know.

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    • @AleDeEurope The racism and violence that gangs give to people who aren't their ethnicity is real. That's a problem. However, your opinion of black people and racism is derived from gang members? When did gang members and other criminals start representing black people. Does the KKK represent white people? Does the mafia represent Italian people?
      Do you think systemic racism is something gang members created? When black people were first taken to the states, do you think gang members were created racism? When the average black person is discriminated against, do you think gang members cause?

    • I never said, that. I was just referring to gangs as the racist ones. I never said gangs represent black people.

  • Here we are national minorities, but some (keep in mind, some) people behave with us like we are below human beings because of our nationality. But this happens the other way around too, so it's more close to 50-50 in my experience.

  • If they're even called minorities it's racism

    • What do you mean?

    • Brown people are NOT the minority. They're the majority in the world. If anything white people are the minority yet they still have the audacity to call the majority the minority. Talk about mentally stupid.

    • I meant generally in the US/Western World, in which for a long time, non white people were the minority. I actually just read this last night and it solidified my opinion on the terms. But I use person of color as well and to describe myself in dialogues.

  • if people stay in their own country hey will no be racism anymore

    • What about people who were forcibly removed from their home countries or fled their country of birth, what should they do? What should they feel? "Well, I did ask for this since I'm not in my home country. My bad"

    • you go back in your own country or nobody is force to do it, it's them who deceived to do it and move. You have a country you should stay in it or at least move in the country near from yours like ( a polish who move in slovakia, ukraine, belarus, russia, lithuania, germany or czech ) but not from syria to poland or sweden. If you stay in your own country he'll not have any racism and you'll not have any problem

  • They won't say they are racists, they will simply say they don't like your looks and they treat you just like everyone else whose looks they don't like. Race doesn't matter, because they will treat the ugly people in their own race just the same. It's just coincidence that they happen to find everyone of your race ugly.

  • Honestly, this may just be where I live and the people I choose to associate with, but there isn't much racism towards 'minorities' apart from silly jokes which no one actually believes in and all races participate in (eg I have a Muslim boy in my class who whenever a beeping goes off would duck under the table and joke about bombs) it's just silly jokes. But what I've found is that anything you say can be twisted into a racist comment. For example the other day I was asked out by a black lad who was twenty six. I declined because he was a decade older than me, but he insisted that I was racist for saying no. This in itself was a ridiculous comment as I've been close friends with an Indian girl for twelve years, a black girl for four and have been out with people of different races before.
    I think, now please excuse me if I'm wrong, that people are too quick to jump to the race card. This is the only problem I have with the very few minorities (which is a stupid term by the way).

    What I'm getting at is, sometimes you just didn't get the job, that person didn't like you and that person rejected you for other reasons. Stop blaming it on your race unless you have clear evidence that it was.

    I think this keeps racism alive because this attitude that everyone is out to get them because they might have originated from a different country sets boundaries between races that actually don't need to exist.

    Of course I also understand there are just some idiots who can't see that under our skin we are all just flesh and bone. But I tend not to listen to idiots.

    • Yes, some people do like to twist things for their own benefit or because they feel cheated. The guy who said that to you was an asshole. He was wrong. But he was also misguided. (continued)

      But words like 'race card' only make it harder for people who actually do experience racism and prejudice to talk about it because it's now a common thought that people of color just like to play the 'race card'. It's a slap in the face to people who experience racism and have suffered as a result of it.

      I think it's great that you live in a community in which racism isn't an issue. However, not everyone is so fortunate. And so, to try and make things better, talking about it is the best option. Sometimes people aren't blaming it on others, they aren't playing a blame game, sometimes it's 100% what happened.

      The thing is, when people try to facilitate dialogues, it's not about pointing fingers, it's about making things better

    • This isn't the first time I've heard a story like your 'Racism isn't big where I live. A black guy asked me out and I said no. He told me I was racist. Some people love playing the race card.'

      I have no idea who you are or what you're like.

      What I'm asking from you, is that you don't associate assholes who are hurt that they got rejected (and say stupid stuff) to people who speak up about racism.

      And that when someone says something about racism maybe you take a step back and listen, considering history and what's going on now, and try to understand that when you say stuff like race card it makes a lot of people of color roll their eyes because most of the time when an incident happens and the word race card is brought up, it's said just to shut people up.

  • Obviously not 100% no. Its a 50/50 situation you have those who use their race as an excuse and those who are really just rasict and don't like them because they are different.

    I live in NZ so rasism isn't as much as an issue as it is in USA but I can tell you one thing the minorities here complain all the time even though they basically get treated like kings. At my school there was a specific class for Maori and another class for Pacific islanders. They got easy credits and free food out of the schools budget. (Which was suppose to be going towards the art and gym supplies) white kid at school hit someone over the head with a screw driver got a weeks suspension and had to go in front of the minister of education which he decided he was not allowed back at school. Maori kid whips multiple girls on the back of bare legs with a fiberous rope caused one to need stitches. Gets a detention and is told to apologise to the girl who needed stitches. Allowed to walk free.

    I know this is kinda different but at my school we had a special needs class room (we had people who had anger issues, terets, dwarfism and others) one of the kids with terets walked around the school pushing people. He pushed me right in front of a teacher and she did nothing at all.

    • Do you think minorities make up institutional racism, is that something that is made up? Or is it 50% the people in power's fault/50% those being negatively affected?
      Wow, I'm so niave, I thought the people of native origin were the most populous on the island.

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    • Because that happened.

    • What?

  • I think it's wrong to blame all minorities
    And you come from a country that glorifies white skin and white people and you come from a country who wants to be considered white racially lmao

    • "You come from a country who wants to be considered white racially" What do you mean by that?