When I let my hair down why did they keep looking at me?

I'm a boy i've been growing my hair since i was a toddler but my mom cut it because it was too long
i had to re grow it in about the.. 4th grade im in high school now and it reaches to my back

anyway inschool i never let my hair down... ever.
but today i put some gell stuff in my hair and you can't tie it up it has to sit in there for an hour or 2
i thought school would be cancelled like yesterday but it wasn't and i had to go with my hair down..

it was all in my face i kept having to brus it over my head and people kept staring at me like i was an alien.. i would walk by they didn't even look at me just stared at my head...

i was in class and i was trying to focus on work but i could feel this girls eyes staring at me i could see her out the corner of my eye why did they keep looking at me i know its long but im pretty sure they've seen longer...


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  • It's different. Something you don't normally do. I'd say it's weird for a guy to have that long of hair but I guess thats the new fad

    • i dont even know where i got long hair from

      my mom nor my dad had long hair
      my day was actually bald
      and my moms hair reaches to her neck

      my aunt had long hair but she passed

      and i hated the attention...

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    • Then don't risk a snow day

    • yeah
      it was kinda mean though my school was trying to figure out if they wanted to be open or closed they decided to open at 5 am.. i was up doing my hair thinking it was going to be closed

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