Why would be awkward all of a sudden?

he's kind of confusing. one minute he picks on me and the next, he can't even look me in the eye.

For months, we would pick on eachother at work. People tell us we act like middle school kids. I dont mind. i have fun. and he always laughs so im sure he does too. For his birthday, my best friend and i threw him a birthday party. it was pretty fun. he hugged me and told me how greatful he was. so a week later my best friend told him i thought he was cute. he said he knew. when she asked him what he thought, he said he wasn't saying anything.

so i took it as disinterest. it seems like he started talking to me more than before after that confession. he would pick on me more, and come around more often. so on valentines day, my best friend bought me flowers and he asked her who they were for and she said they were for me. and he said "im going to steal them and give them to her so she can think they're from me" and she said "oh really? you want to give her flowers? and on valentines day?" and she said he just started laughing and walked away. so that day, he wouldn't talk to me when i was with my friend. i ran into him later that day and he asked me for help. he was being really weird though. it took him 5 minutes to finally say what he wanted to say.

i worked with him again today and he wasn't talking to me much. he would just pass by a lot. when they asked him to bring me something, he did and he just stood there looking at the floor for a few seconds so i said "k thanks." and he just said yeah and he still stood there for a bit without saying anything and then he left.

i dont know why he's being awkward all of a sudden. i dont know if my friend's comment made him feel weird. im acting the same as always. plus, i thought he wasn't interested. so i dont know why he would act differently. or is it possible that his feelings for me may have changed?


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  • Probably likes you.