Is entrepreneurship a soft major?

This guy I know went to one of the better business schools and did entrepreneurship as his major.

How smart could he really be if he's choosing that as his major over something actually difficult like finance


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  • You don't need to go to school to start a business...

    People who seek degrees are stupid...

    • No his degree was in business but his declaration sort of like his option was in entrepreneurship which makes me wonder if he was bad at math

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    • I know this; but is it academically hard, (entrepreneurship). My instinct would be obviously not, but somehow this dude was able to get into consulting with that major which makes no sense at ALL

    • I don't know or care...

      The world is full of college-educated idiots...

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  • I hate saying any major is easier than another based on intelligence because it depends on the type of intelligence the individual person has. Like I think both finance and entrepreneurship are equally easy majors. But I find science majors more challenging because that's not the type of intelligent I am.

    You need to look at the individual. Not just what you think of a situation, you know?