Is the word 'Fuck' pretty universal as far as profanity goes?

Or are there any cultures where it doesn't have such meaning? or maybe there are worse bad language?


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  • I speak Spanish and French and in neither language there isn't really an equivalent to "fuck" in terms of the versatility of usage


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  • Heavily Catholic cultures often have a whole other class of blasphemous profanity that's considered far more offensive than whatever their language's equivalent of "fuck" or "shit" is. Different languages put on a different spin on it but the common thread is obscenities against the Catholic church and it's symbols. In some places this kind of profanity can even be a crime.

    For example, Italian has the bestemmie which consist of a religious word combined with an insulting one ("porco dio").

    In Quebecois (Canadian French) you have the sacres which are intentional mispronunciations of words associated with Catholicism ("Tabarnak", "Crisse", "Calisse")

    • Forgot to say that these blasphemous terms often get translated into English as "Fuck" or "Fucking" to convey they meaning but they have no real English equivalent.

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  • Yep pretty vanilla


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  • It has a meaning in about every country but isn't always the most used profanity
    In Germany they use "Scheisse!", in France "Merde!' (shit)
    In Dutch 'godverdomme' (goddamn) is more usual.