What do you think of MY INDIA'S pics below?

Pics which foreign media never shows
I personally think India is a perfect place you can experience all season here...
beaches, snow, mountain you can experience any thing you want here :)
I think em in love with my country..
I hope you'll would like to visit :D


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  • everyone romanticizes india because of bollywood where i'm from, didn't know people thought it wasn't as beautiful as it is


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  • Depends were you go in India... Yes, there are wonderful places and amazing landscapes, but that's not all of the country... I've had family traveling in India and they saw those wonderful buildings. However they also saw that they places were often surrounded by extremely poor neighborhoods, with people who earn like 3 dollars per week... I'd say that India is a country with a double nature : poor and wonderful. Depends of the precise place you visit...
    I'd like to go there whenever I'll be doing a trip around the world in a dozen years or so...


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  • It is pretty but horrendously diry, the women are treated like shit there for the most part and seeing the homeless dogs and poor people is tough to see.

    • Women's are treated like shit? lol
      I don't agree with you buddy

    • Of course you don't. Just like littering. It's no big deal. What Indians are doing to the planet is a disgrace.

  • Pretty good pics this is more accurate though:

    • You poop in your toilet doesn't mean your whole house is dirty!!!

    • Ye but I don't shit in my countries rivers. And I flush the toilet.