I'm curious why do you commonly here 'is she wifey material' but not the other way around?

Is it because the guy has to see specific traits in her before considering her. Is it because the guy chooses the woman to marry and not the other way around?

The traits I'm talking about are maybe taking care of you like in terms of food, sexually or whatever.

But you don't here hubby material as much. All my freinds even my boyfriend has at least said it even thou they are too young anyway.

I've heard my boyfriend say this about other women when we werent dating and when I ask him what exactly does he mean its usually him identifying a trait she has.


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  • well your second sentence is pretty much the answer to that question. But to elaborate, guys change on a monumental level to satisfy the woman that they like. So when questions like that are asked or someone says something like "you should wife that" you have to understand, it means the compatibility is real.

    the opposite side of this story is when guys are considered the only cheaters :)


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  • I do think men have higher and more specific expectations from relationships

    • excuse me? are you for real?

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    • @Tdieseler what question was that? I can't find it

      Actually I have no idea what you mean, because I've posted a good mix of physical and emotional needs for men. And only emotional needs for women.

    • i asked what cloud you were living on... apparently, you don't know women like you think you know. you only know yourself and are speaking from your perspective and opinion of yourself. but from a guy that has approached and been on the other side of that pretty face... im telling you... it ain't funny.
      thats why im offering the option to agree to disagree. so we don't stretch this any further.
      (thats another example too... women wanting to stretch things longer than it has to go, or having the last say... you are doing it right now!!)

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  • You choose each other but we usually see a certain thing in a woman that makes us see that she would be good as a wife, probably a good cook , likes to clean , is caring and thoughtful and also attractive


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  • Well there are some guys I see and my friend and I say he looks like a fun week but you do not marry a guy like that or try to see him in the daytime so it goes both ways at least for me

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