Girls, if there were only these 7 guys left on the Earth, which one would you choose?

Imagine this situation, after some great cataclysm, only these 7 men are left in the World, which one of them would you pick for procreation, to restore the human kind?

  • Billy - Very cute guy, but shy and still a virgin, 32 years old, vegan, atheist, non-smoker, non-alcoholic
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  • Joe - Macho man, very experienced, but unfaithful, sexist and chauvinist, 34 years old, smoker
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  • Hank - Tall guy, handsome but quite conservative, tends to be patriarchal, disrespects women, 27 years old, alcoholic
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  • Mike - Religious guy, tall but has small dick, very rich, insists on very rigid house rules, 39 years old, workaholic
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  • Jake - Muscular guy, very dominant, has short dick - but very wide, health freak, 25 years old
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  • Jimmy - Short guy, but sexually experienced and good looking, has long dick - but not very wide, very funny and amusing, 36 years old, uses light drugs
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  • Jack - Fat guy, but has great personality, respects women, supports feminism, fantastic chef, likes cooking and doing all the housework, 23 years old, likes junk food.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I hope that most girls would choose Billy, he is a bit similar to me...

    • Thank you for MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd probably go with Billy, but they all seem a little too old for me.


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What Guys Said 4

  • VERY well balanced options!!! here is my like :P

  • i would spoon the fuck out of billy

  • I guess most girls would pick some muscular guy...

  • Honestly, if you need to repopulate the earth in a hurry... faithfulness is a big issue in another way.


What Girls Said 3

  • I wouldn't want to date if I'd lost my boyfriend, and I wouldn't want to "repopulate the world" either because humans suck! Plus assuming I am the only woman there wouldn't be enough genetic material anyway so the next generation would be severely inbred and die off eventually so why prolong the inevitable? I would barricade myself up in a large house and collect weapons so when they get desperate (especially the sexist ones) and try to come rape me I can kill them first. And if they all tried to come get me together I would just shoot myself in the head because at that point who cares? It's either be gang raped repeatedly and forced to carry children or die, I'd choose death and never let them win. If there were other women I would let them hide out with me and we could fend them off together, the non-sexist guys can come too of course. But I will not be having any babies. If I got closer with one guy though it would probably be Jack, you need people with compassion and useful skills like cooking in a post-apocalyptic world. He'd probably know which foods were edible in the forest!

    • Eh, I think if you just get 1 automatic rifle with 1 magazine of 30 bullets, you should be able to finish all 7 of them. Just sit on a couch or something in front of the door. Every time 1 of them runs in, just pull the trigger once... you need 7 bullets, you have 30. I think you'll be safe enough! :P

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    • @krash2002 Yeah, but Billy is also a virgin, non-smoker and non-alcoholic, does that sound like a lunatic?

    • Either way it never hurts to be extra prepared!

  • Am I the only woman left on earth?

    If so, then... too much danger of one man killing another's progeny, if the identity of the daddy is positively known.

    Sooooo I guess I'd just have to take one for the team, and line 'em up and have a party. A fertility party. Take one WITH the team. (;
    Then no one'd know for sure whose baby it was... so no one'd want to kill it. everyone wins.

    • Yeah, but you are not the only woman on Earth, you still have competition ;)

    • Haha I totally didn't even consider the possibility that other women might still exist. #teamnarcissism

      I mean... ehhh. So much intangible capital, that isn't captured in these descriptions. So much sexual chemistry that may or may not be there.

      So many of the most important things... are just not there. (common sense? street sense? can he fight? does he like children? fuck that, does he LOOOOOOOOVE children? LOL)

      And so many of the things that ARE there, would be totally meaningless in this here post-apocalyptic world. Like, money? As if.
      Junk food? Think anyone's still gna run the factories that produce junk food, with 7 boys left in the world? Hahaha.
      Workaholic? Well, probably not much work left to do, here.

      All said and done, probably Joe or Jake.

    • Ok, thanks :D

  • Which one has a big penis? 👀😆

    • Jimmy has long penis, but not wide, Jake has wide penis, but not very long, Billy has large penis, but he is a virgin :P

    • Silly Nilly Billy it is! 😌

    • Cool, lol :P

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