Can you tell me real ghost stories?

Hi, so I really like paranormal things and I love hearing stories about them..
If you have any stories ( Real ones ) can you share them with me? :D
I do not want anyone to come here and be like Β¨They dont exist, we have proof!Β¨... Just let me believe in ghosts :p


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  • I could tell you many real ones that have happened to me. There was a ghost that was at my dads house, I lived at my aunts for a while and one night I saw a white girl wearing a nightgown in the window where the patio was but it was like a second level patio so she wasn't standing on ground and nothing weird ever happened at my aunts. When I moved in my dads that's when it happened, it first started one night I was going pee and the light went out I thought no big deal and when I was done I went to switch the light switch off and it was already down I switched it on and the light came back on. Things would go missing, doors would open, we heard weird noises. My brother set up his GoPro and left and on the video you hear all sorts of weird noises and then the chair moves 3-4 times and a few moments after the chair moves the mail just goes flying onto the floor. For a while pieces of the dinning room set would go missing like the napkins or the placemats but then they'd come back, one day they were all gone and we found them a few days later throughout my brothers dresser mixed in with his clothes.
    The next house I moved to the only thing that would happen was the chandelier would start twisting back and forth on its own but I lived with a satanic child so think he may have been the cause for that.
    I never really believed in ghosts until that stuff happened at my dads. I have an issue with doors being open when I sleep and one morning I was woken up by the sound of the back door opening and hit the wall. I yelled for my dad or brother and no answer and no one was home with me and I was so scared, I told it that day it scared me and that the little tricks and hiding things was interesting but not to do while I was home alone and from that day on nothing ever happened when I was there alone only when dad and brother was around but dad didn't believe it. He said that we made the video and had tied fishing string to the mail and chair to make it move


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  • I have no personal experiences to draw on but I found this story interesting:

  • Well when i was a 10 years old kid there was that church next to the building i lived in. The priest of the city was a well faithful priest he had the power to exort devils. So he opened the church for exorsism. Every night for a whole year i used to witness people with devils inside them. They were people with abnormal features like a woman with an extreme strong manly voice and a very thin tongue similar to the snake's. And i also witnessed a man that was very slim but he was able to break the thick wooden door of the church with one push. And a woman that was able to run faster than the car which was chasing her. I used to see horrible things and i had that fear for 5 years of gosts and spirits that i had to see a psychologist. All of what i said is real i have seen it with my bare eyes. thanks :)


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  • Hi, I died ten years ago. ... Boo! πŸ‘»

    Now you have your own story to tell 😜

    • Well lol I have a lot but once my friend Went to the kitchen and when she was going back to her room... The Bookshelf had moved over to block the door :p

    • Oh! Does she live on king street? The corner house? That was me!! I was trying to find a book, but I've been going to gym heaven, and I think I've gotten too strong and the entire bookshelve moved when I tried to get a book. πŸ‘»πŸ˜πŸ˜›

    • haha xDD

  • Two years after my dog died I was sitting in the living room and the heavy ass sliding door curtains started moving and they lifted up like an animal had just run through them. Our windows were shut. My other dog then got up began to wag her tail

    • Naw, I've seen my dead cat..

    • He appeared around us a long time before just vanishing. I would see him out of the corner of my eye mainly. My mom saw him shove my bedroom door open one night lol Last December my other dog died suddenly. The day after she died I was sitting in the living room and I heard her distinct bark right outside of the sliding room. My cat heard it to and turned to look to see where the bark had come from.

  • I've been constantly visited by ghosts, I can't really tell since when but weird things happen at home. Doors and windows close and open on their own, one time the piano played on its own a few notes, I've seen them too (but just their aura), my cats stare at nothing and hiss, etc.
    Ghosts are real but they are absolutely not like in movies, they are just energy , its imposible for them to harm you unless it was a soul from an evil person

    • Yea, I have never seen the doors open and Close but I feel when they are there.
      I have seen a black figure Walking towards me though.

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