Do you find this true?

Odd, unique or plain looking kids grow up to be the most attractive; while really pretty or cute kids turn out to be plain or average. I know it doesn't happen in all cases but I see it happen a lot. I know there are famous people who were plain or odd looking as kids and they grow up to be stunning.


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  • I don't know but some of the best looking girls I went to high school with look fucking totally wrecked now at 34. A lot of them were party girls and spent too many late nights out boozing and fucking. Some of them have probably got fucked up by plastic surgery and Botox trying to stay young. I can't believe the dramatic differences in some of their faces.

    • Lol but I know what you mean the pretty girls in school look so plain later in life and the fat girls get hot lmao

    • No just for example there was this one smoking hot brazian girl I use to hang around with. She had a booty like Reef Brazil models, cutest face, great hair, beautiful lively eyes and smile. I saw her a few months ago and was like holly shit eww... She looked like a 60 year old with plastic surgery and botox. She still has a fit body but god she's ugly...

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  • I don't think it's possible for anyone to maintain a constant level of attractiveness throughout their lives. Of course there is going to be a peak and a worst point; whether it be in the earlier or later stages. I did child modelling when I was young but pretty sure I'm getting uglier haha; I think the other way round is definitely better, to get more attractive as you grow older.


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  • I dont know but I've been told by quite a few people that now am grown I've become beautiful and more humorous

    and it makes me wonder, what did I look like before?

    so maybe people change as they grow,

  • Sometimes puberty works well for some. I think it's a mixed bag really. I do think I was a much cuter toddler, odd ugly duckling kid, then decent teenager. I look better now.