Does it annoy anyone else when a movie character has the exact same hair style at a young age and then while played by someone else 10+ years older?

I mean who the hell wears the exact same hairdo all their lives

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Not really I never really notice hairstyles definitely not enough to annoy me only shit characters and terrible stories can do that, but I've had the same hairstyle all my life and I don't think I'm gonna ever change it so it does happen.

    • exactly the same?

    • Ye exactly the same, I couldn't care less to be honest it's just the natural way my hair looks, I wake up and it's just like that, it never changes which is good for me cos it's low maintenance.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Does anyone else what? Lol you left us hanging!

    I still wear the same hairdo. It's called the nothing style. I like it lol


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