I need help with wanting to become a vetenerian. Any tips or advice?

I'm a freshmen in High School but I already wanna look into becoming a vetenerian. I love animals and I'm 100% sure I would love having this job when I'm older. I heard that you need to be good in Math and Biology. But the problem is I'm really good at Biology, I have an A+ but I have a C- in Math. My math teacher isn't good at teaching honestly. It's her first year of teaching and she is so confusing and goes way too fast at explaining, and so many people have gone to the councilor to try and switch this class ( even me ) but they won't let us.-. but it's okay because I'm almost done with this school year. I'll try and pass with a C like I did last semester. But anyways since I hopefully won't have the same math teacher next year, I'll do better in math and get hopefully a B :/ I've never been good at math. Also, I want to be a small animal vet to take care of dogs/cats etc. Also if anyone knows what they do on a daily basis and what their salary is please let me know. Anything else I would really need to know about small animal vet / high school classes it would be really helpful. this would all really help me, thanks :)


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  • To become a veterinary you need to do a veternary medicine degree and get a PhD (doctorate), and it would probably take about 8 years to complete your qualifications of becoming a veterinary (different countries have different amount of years though I think).
    To get into Veternary school where you'll do your doctorate or DVM or both. You need to have a degree in either animal science or biology, with a GPA of 3.5 at least (so study hard at university). Also this is a competitive education, and it may take years to actually get into a veterinary school in the first place.
    After that (you'll probably be almost 30 at the time) you'll take a veterinary exam to get a license to practice.

    Once you get out of your education you most likely won't become a veterinary doctor straight away, you'll be working as an assistant, and eventually make your way up. Employers want people with experience, not just people with an education.
    In the meanwhile in your education you could look into getting a part time job at a veternary/pet store/groomers/zoo, see how you like it before you fully dedicate to getting a veternary degree because it takes lots of dedication and hard work.

    On average you'll earn about $87,600 annually. Becoming a veterinary is hard work but can be very rewarding.


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  • The next time you see a dog in the street, lure it to you with a piece of meat. Once you've gained its confidence, knock it unconscious with a large stone or hammer. Once you're sure it's unconscious yet still breathing, slice open its belly with a sharp knife or a rusty spoon, and try and fish out its spleen. Once you've gotten it out, stitch ithe wound back shut with a needle and thread, and get the heck out of there before it wakes up. When you get home, ask yourself if you had fun. If the answer is "yes", you're on the right track!

  • Do you have an iPhone? If you do, I have a couple apps that are very cheap that will greatly improve your math skills.

  • Your a freshman in high school? Have you noticed the age that your using while making this post?

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed that lol. Most people on here lie about their age anyway

    • @Catalie I notice many do exaggerate that , among other things

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