Why was she so bitchy to me?

I had transferred to this competitive business school. On the first day of school, I was eager to make friends and converse with others to start off fresh.

I was chatting with this guy who was a seat away, who was equally polite and nice to me as I was to him. After conversing with him I turned to the girl beside me to talk to her, and before she exchanged pleasantries, she snapped at me saying, 'everyone is really smart.'

I got taken aback. I knew she was trying to insult me because I came from outside of the school, but didn't react to her and instead kept my cool.

I always saw it as her trying to 'put me in my place,' because I was being friendly with the other guy, who she conveniently is now dating.

Anyone? lol :)


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  • She probably was jealous of you. And player hating on you.

  • You should have posted this under "Girls behaviour" section. You would have got more opinions there.
    Anyway, I think she was insecure about how you were talking to her date. So she became repuslive and started to treat you bad.
    Forget about it... shit happens...
    Wish you best of luck with your business school...

    • He wasn't her date, we were sitting in class lol

    • I know but she liked him didn't she?

    • Did she seriously like him on the first day before she talked to him? Yeah it is possible that she may have seen me and him conversing and gotten insecure/left out

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