Girls, do you find skin on skin contact to be more soothing in a platonic way?

My sister is staying with me after having just gotten out of a relationship with her abusive boyfriend and predictably, she came to me for hugs for comfort. But latley she has seemed to be taking a fondness to skin on skin contact. She started walking around in just pants and a bra andcontinued to give me hugs. But these hugs were longer in duration than before, like 5 minutes long. I remember one time she asked me to put my hands on the side of her waist. I did and she held my arms and she closed her eyes and seemed to be meditating for about 5 minutes. She also sits on my lap and wraps one of my arms around her waist and held my other hand against her chest. I asked her why she does this and she said the feeling of my skin on the skin of her body is just so soothing and reassuring, so much more so than with something between us. Do any other girls feel this way?


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  • I am sorry but I find that really weird and odd.