How can I deal with an inconsiderate roommate without starting confilict?

It's a college apartment and I'm a CA (community assistant) which is like an RA and apparantly he resigned his lease as well as myself and 2 other roomates and its 150 bucks to move rooms which i am not doing. My issues are not blow up on him issues but its petty stuff like when my girlfriend and i are watching TV or a movie in the living room he will turn the kitchen light on to make food (which is fine) but he leaves it on when he goes back in his room so we have to get up and turn it off. He also never takes the trash out, runs the dishwater, supplies toiet paper, or wipes the stove off after cooking. It pisses me off to no end.


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  • Lol. I'm not too fond of my new roommate either.
    I don't know, just ask him nicely to turn the light off when he's done.
    And tell him he has to pick up after himself out contribute in some way.

    • I don't know its weird Im not confrontational and i feel like he knows I'm bothered by it and is trying to bother me.

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