How to you react to violence?

That is not happening to you.

  • Sickened by it
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  • Shocked and afraid
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  • Morbid curiosity
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  • Perverse excitement, Almost sexual in nature
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  • totally indifferent to it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I hate it I really do and I'm more than likely going to step in depending on the severity of it. If it's really bad like people are seriously hurt or can possibly die I'll stay out and get help but if it's just a stupid fight I'll either help break it up or help defend the person that's getting attacked.

    I really don't like to result to violence but if it's necessary I'll be sure to defend myself Or to help someone. That was my mistake in the past being chicken.


Most Helpful Guy

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What Girls Said 1

  • I hate violence so much. It scares me.


What Guys Said 3

  • I get sad and disgusted. Gives me a feeling of wanting to do unspeakable things to the person commiting the act.

  • Mixed emotions, depending on the reason they're fighting. Is the guy getting his ass kicked a troublemaker? A shit talker? I will vote D for that.

    Is it a man hitting his wife in the parking lot? A. Also I'd run over there with my cell in my hand, with 911 on the phone and blast that on speaker so his wife beating ass can hear it while I get ready to potentially try and kick his ass.

    Iv'e been in fights but never really been shocked and afraid. I saw a guy getting jumped outside Walmart by about 5 guys... that shocked me... my mom rolled down the window and yelled at the men fighting.. that shocked me more.

    I'm always curious, about everything. So If I am somewhere and a fight breaks out I'll probably gravitate towards it and do whatever I need to in the situation, watch, defend, etc.

    • Basically I'm always curious to see who would win, but that doesn't mean I like it, or I won't try and help if things get too out of hand. At the same time, I'm not going to jail over someone I don't know unless the other guy is about to seriously hurt, or injure the person he's fighting with.

      Only time I'd enjoy seeing someone get beat up if it was personal, they did something to me that pissed me off and I wanted to do what's being done to them. Or if they somehow deserved it and was a shitty person.

      Overall I don't really like violence, it's pretty easy to not get into fights, and the times where I have fought it was because I let myself get to a certain point when I could have just walked away. With that said, someone comes up and shoves me or something, hits me girl, touches my girl in a perverted way I am going to loose it, because that behavior sickens me and I wanna teach or try to teach them a lesson.

  • Shit happens, it doesn't concern me.

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