How do you stop being SO hung up on someone that it interferes with your life? It doesn't serve any purpose & I want to stop it?

I'm 21; junior in college and have so much to be focused on for my future... Yet I met this guy a month ago (and this rarely happens btw) but I am so hung up on him... I cannot think of anyone or anything but him and it's taking away from my studies. Is this normal? I don't want to do this anymore but it's like I formed a habit of thinking about him so much that I cannot stop. It also doesn't help that he has me in limbo... We've had sex and I'm just so into him... More than any guy I've been with. Sometimes he makes me feel worthy and appreciated, other times used. I keep falling in and out of adoration and sorrow for and from him. It's like a rollar coaster and I just want my life back!


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  • Well naturally we desire someone to desire and to want us... so yes its normal because when you're bored as much as you want to be focused on other things all you can't think about is them especially if they've made a huge impact on you. What you need to do is find out if your "relationship" will go somewhere.