How can I find out whats hurting me so much to change it?

I have been so sad this year everyday. Its only gotten worse I might have one day a week were im ok but thats it. Usually im sad. It has progressively gotten worse with winter I really feel like life isn't even worth it im typically an optimistic always seeing and believing everything is happy and good seriously i was just so optimistic and loved everyone and everything. Now I just feel life has no purpose I dont feel anything really good or bad. I feel lonely alll the time I have always been to myself but never lonely per se like i didn't feel it like this. The last two years have hurt so bad the last four years it was bad but it wasn't too bad now i just dont even want to live most days. It should be great honestly i have an awesome life It just doesn't really make me happy at all? sorry i only like to say good things but i was wondering if i could get some insight i dont know why i feel bad so can't solve it?


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  • You gotta sit down, relax, and think back. Think about everything that could have cause you to lose the motivation of living life.
    Think of what you find important in life, and see what's missing.
    It takes time, trust me, cause it's hard for me too, as I also go through days when I feel like I have no purpose, like I should just give up, it's not as common as your case seems, but I used to feel like you a few years ago, and it lasted 2 years. I didn't know what to do and that's why I think it took me that long to get over it, and I'm still not 100% over it, but now I approach it with a clearer mind, more "mature", so I stop and think. I calm myself with some music, lay in bed and close my eyes, so there's no distractions and I can just think back.

    • I have been really thinking about it i can't come to a conclusion. I think i may lack adventure following the same routine everyday. Also I have been really lonely in college I don't really fit in well anywhere but i can talk to anyone in any group and everyone roles in group so i know tons but I'm always alone its tough man in highscool it was bad i never imagined it could get worse though and i have tried to make it better but i keep going to the same place

  • Talk to you parents about it. Maybe you could see a therapist. Also, you might want to look into seasonal affective disorder. From what I can remember, when I was about 14-25, I was under hellish amounts of stress. I'd like to tell you that it gets better, but I've just kinda learned how to be happy in it.

    • I tried telling my family they kind of dismissed it. I think i might have that disorder because i live in a tropical environment and then go north for college and although I'm sad in the summer its a lot worse in the winter.