Do you think people around you influence you that much that it affects your personality?

Like for example you are deep down a really good person and smart and care for people but the people around you are selfish and sarcastic and the I know it all type of people and you don't even maybe realize it sometimes that it affects you?


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  • Yes, I think that is unavoidable to some degree. In my case, however, it's something good for the most part. For example my girlfriend is Korean and she's got a typical east Asian humility in her mentality that I really like and that inspires me. She always makes sure everyone else is fine before taking care of herself. Also, while speaking well about yourself or accepting compliments is totally okay here in Europe or North America, she always reacts very humbly. For example when my mom tells her how much German she has already learned since she came from Korea (which is totally true, I see her study every day and it's crazy how much she learned in a short time), my girlfriend always says things like "noooo nooo that's not true. I'm still far away from good. I have to learn much more." I think that's very cute. Also, she's a very patient person which I am not so much. So during the time we've been together, I'm sure she's made me more humble and patient. And perhaps most importantly, I was already an open-mined person before but she's made me even more open-mined and more curious and knowledgable about other parts of the world.

  • i believe every person you know for awhile will affect your personality a bit.


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