If a boy doesn't like talking to you outside of work is that a bad thing?

Like he's really responsive when we have to work together, but otherwise he gets sort of like distant and I can tell he doesn't really like being contacted when there's no work to be done.

Why is this? I thought he liked me.

I concluded with guys like that, having multiple crushes all at once, they have a 'let's enjoy life as it is,' sort of attitude, where they flirt around and like people when they have some kind of connection to them, but once that connection ends so does the relation they have with those people.


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  • No it's a bad thing at all. Have fun talking to him at work and keep it at that.. I have girls that I don't talk to outside of work, keep it simple:)

    • I agree :) but was just wondering if that means he doesn't like me

  • well he is not oblidged to like you or give you attention. let him live how he wants.

    • Of course but I am trying to determine if he likes me

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