What constitutes a good troll attempt?

Often when I read through the answers to an obvious troll question, there's someone who will say something like "You are not very good at this trolling thing." Or "learn how to troll properly" or something.
But these questions often have more than 10 answers and quite a few threads where the answerer has to keep coming back to reply so I think to myself actually its a good troll attempt.
I mean if the OP knows what to say to push peoples buttons and make them keep answering isn't that good trolling?

If not, then what is?


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  • Good trolling is when the other person rant know you are Trillin and they get really mad.

    Getting answers doesn't constitute a good trolling attempt. Any fool can do that.

  • It either has to really get under people's skin or actually be funny to the onlookers.

    • Nobody ever seems to find stuff on the internet funny like that though. It's like everyone loses their senses of humor. Especially the women.

    • yeah but, that's why I usually give the virtual thumbs up to the trolls that actually make people laugh and smile. They're the type you want.