Would you rather go to a 2nd tier University and be on the top or a top tier University and be in the middle?

Honestly, there are so many things that would affect you, if you go to a top tier University, because you're still young.

Cliques forming between people, you thinking you're not good enough, people looking down on you for saying the wrong thing etc.

Sometimes I really wonder if going to a 2nd tier University was a good decision, (I was offered a first tier spot also). At least when I wake up in the morning I admire my beautiful face and feel good going to my classes, learning and look forward to holding a position in marketing as opposed to being a third-rate banker.


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  • Oh who gives a damn. Education isn't everything

  • I want to go to a top tier university myself hopefully Cambridge or Manchester to study maths and computer programming. I think it'd be better to go to a top tier if your able to keep up and if you got offered a place you must be good, I don't really care about being the best as long as I do good no one else's grades matter and a top tier Uni looks really good on the CV.

    • Yeah i was good. But the problem was that my sister graduated from the same University and my parents would always compare us. This made me have to be 'better' than the other students over there hence almost benchmarking me before I even started the program.

      I got annoyed over their handling of the situation and ended up choosing my University instead. It's interesting because I'm a good student and do well, but mostly I have the mental peace of not being compared to/having to prove something.

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    • Yeah. It's some of my worst memories.

      But in all honesty, it's great that you are focused on your goal. Good luck in your pursuits

    • Thanks, I hope you do well at uni at the end of the day as long as you have really good results you'll do better than someone with average results that went to a top tier uni.

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