Since so many people follow and believe in multiple religions, should we study them for educational purposes and to understand others?

So many people believe and follow different religions. Would it make sense that we study their religions to understand relate to a large portion of the world's population? We read fiction so even if its fake to us we can read it.

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  • Knowledge between cultures is always beneficial
    and partly why I now believe what I do. ^.^

  • That was a mandatory class in highschool for me. It wasn't a religious school but they acknowledged that it was too big a part of the world to ignore. If your want to argue you should at least be educated on the topic right?

  • No thanks, I'm bueno.

    • Ok. Why?

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    • You can't compare fiction to religion because people don't swear their life away to or follow the principles of Narnia.

    • You do t have to swear your life away to read about the religions.

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