Is it possible to control your range of emotions so that you only experience the ones you see as useful?

I believe that in any engadgement the person who is is the least emotionally invested usually has the upper hand.

I really envy those who have that cool, calm and collected IDGAF attitude. Its like nothing gets to them and even if it's all an act its not evident by their body language or tone of voice.

Is it possibly to become like that or is it just something that just came to them naturally?


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  • I think insecurity has a lot to do with it. The more secure you are in yourself the less other things will affect you negatively. Most people in the first world do not have "real" problems, they have superficial ones. Or ones that do not threaten their physical well being, not that I'm dismissing ones emotional well being but you get what I mean. The more confident in your own abilities you are the stronger you are as a person and the more easily you will be able to deal with things without having an emotional breakdown. Being rejected by someone is not the end of the world.

    Someone who is less emotionally invested has the upper hand if you believe the upper hand is being able to walk away without too much issue. I think it's a bit strange you consider upper hands in relationships... that isn't any kind of love if you look at things that way, that's a game.

  • I don't think you can help the way you feel, but you can the way you handle it.


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