Anyone here any good with boiler problems?

I have a combi 24 HE boiler that I had to pressurize. The norm is 1-2.5 on the bar scale. Mine is at 2.9. How much of an issue is this? Is there a way to depressurize the system so its at "normal" levels?


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  • That's barely over the normal psi for a residential boiler so it's not a huge deal. As far as depressurizing the system there should be a "cut-in and cut-out" slider it will be attached with a screw at the top and it's adjustable by that screw.

    • Im not exactly sure where that is. It took me ages to locate the pressurize valve. Any idea where the depressurize valve could be? I thought the pressure relief valve would do something but it does not twist or turn. Thanks for the thoughts, I spent 3 hours trying to figure out the pressure alone

    • It's not a pressurize valve it regulates when your unit will turn on and off based on the internal PSI of the boiler. It's usually upright with a tab on the side and vertical marks with units in PSI from roughly 0-10. You loosen the screw to increase the setting and tighten it to decrease the PSI.

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