Is it weird I'm not protective over my Sister's... If a guy hurts them I don't really care?

First of all her whole life she's been fucked over by guys. I'm physically capable of helping her. She comes home with a few marks on her arms. Everyone acts concerned but she expects me to get all Protective and macho about it.

In my opinion she chooses to hang with these guys so it's her fault 100%. She has the opportunity to separate herself but she craves attention but can't handle it when it gets bad.

by the way she's 22 and I'm 19. she's not 12 so she's smart enough to make her own decisions without me intervening and let her deal with the consequences right?

I'm like this 3 of my Sister's all older then me. I guess I'm taking this because I hear some guys say nobody fucks with their little sisters does this apply to older ones?


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  • Yes, in my opinion, it does apply. Of course you wouldn't have to be protective over your older sisters if you were only a kid, but you are not a kid, you are 19 years old. What's stopping you?
    Your sister may be 22 years old and older than you, but that give you an excuse to not protect her when she comes home with 'a few marks' on her arms! 22 years old is very, very young and she is only starting to discover herself. I think it's terrible that you do nothing about it, seeing as you are 19 and very capable. If I were you, I don't know how I would be able to stand seeing my own sister being physically abused. You are her only brother, right? Step up, man, if you can even be called a man.


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  • This reminds of a Chris Rock joke. He says he has one daughter who if a man hurts her he'd be angry and find the guy and another daughter if a man hurts her he will ask her what did you do lol.

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