Is getting a law degree while on maternity leave a good idea?

So I'm pregnant. I've graduated last yar, been working for about 9 months now but I've always wanted to work in law. I have no hope of ever being a proper lawyer. That time has come and passed but there are a lot of LLM degrees (Master of Laws) for people with no legal bakcground, like myself.

And I found a good online course and it happens to be 52 weeks which the exact amount of legally mandated maternity leave. So I was thinking, what better time than now?
I won't be working full time but still get some money and still have my job when I get back. I am a littler worried though about it being too much? Having my first baby doing an online degree at the same time?

Especially to those of you have kids, do you think it's a good idea. My husband says it isn't

And tbh law has a kinda been a passion for me, I didn't choose it underfraduate because of the dull careeer prospects and I'm not sure a LLM would benefit my career in any way, so I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.


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  • if you're serious and you really want it, then do it! assess all the risks first of course before deciding.


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