What does my dream mean?

I had a weird dream last night and it felt like it meant something. In my dream I was searching for a specific door for a prize (kind of like a scavenger hunt), but I was having trouble finding the right one. I started to give up but then I came across a creepy picture that had a girl (who looked like me) running away from a mirror. Inside the mirror's reflection was a door. When I looked closley at the mirror, I relized that I'd seen it some time when I was still looking for the door. I went to the mirror and while looking in the reflection, I noticed a line in the wall right across from it. I went over to wall and everything got really dark and scary. When I finally found the doorknob, I opened the door to a creepy, dark hallway. Someone came up to me congradulated me for being the first to find the door. Even though I won I wasn't excited or anything, it didn't feel like it was over. Everything let off an eerie vibe that I couldn't shake and I felt scared and slightly depressed.
Do you think there's any meaning behind my dream? If so, what does it mean?


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  • I think dreams CAN have meaning, but I also always consider that they may be completely meaningless as well, so I only let them mean something if I can get something good from it.

    If I were to analyze your dream from what you described it though, I would wonder if you are seeking something in life (meaning, purpose, direction, answers to some big or important question, etc) and if finding whatever you're seeking will take you to the next level (finding the door, opening it, and stepping through), and maybe the mirror means that rather than looking OUTSIDE of you for this answer, you need to look WITHIN yourself, maybe the answer is YOU.
    The picture of you running away from the mirror might mean that it may be something you've been trying to avoid, that you don't want to consider or accept that responsibility that you yourself are the answer, and that in order to move on to the next stage or to achieve whatever it is you're looking for, you need to stop running away from it and face it head on, open the doorway, and step into the scary, dark, unknown.
    The "scary, dark, unknown" on the other side of the door may not actually be a bad place, but since you don't know what's there, it SEEMS scary and dark (fear of the unknown, not knowing what to expect).

    Maybe if you address whatever it is within yourself, or accept/take on the responsibility that YOU are the answer to your problem or the key to whatever it is you're looking for, you will be rewarded for looking in to the mirror and opening that door, stepping into the unknown. (congratulations!)

    Not feeling like it's over, even though you "won", might just mean that even though you finally open the door and step through, you're not that the end of your journey, you're just one step closer to reaching your destination. It's not over, the journey has just begun.

    Who knows if there's any significance there for you, but that seems like it would be the obvious meaning to ME at least.

    This sort of interpretation in my opinion is a safe bet, since even if the dream really was just random thoughts and pictures playing in your head while you slept, if you can take something away from it and it helps you in life, then it was helpful.

    I wouldn't blow your entire savings betting on the World Series or the Superbowl because you dreamed that a certain team was going to win, but I think it's worth examining dreams that stick with you and feel important.

    Hope this helps! :-)

  • Have you been discovering anything about yourself recently?

    • Yeah, I think up new things every day

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    • That could have a lot to do with your dream, but your dream of freedom may be a pipe dream, illusory at best, due to the fact that resources are required for freedom... income, means of travel, etc...
      I have known people who have pursued their dreams of freedom to wind up with depression as they cannot continue with their pursuit of a carefree life and end up in a downward spiral...

    • My idea of freedom isn't like that. I believe true freedom is living in a world where money and buildings and anything man made doesn't exist. I want to live the way an animal should, but I know it's impossible so I'm stuck just going with the flow of life

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  • To start off, if you ever have a dark dream and wake up after it rebuke it (or pray if you're religious). This eerie vibe is obviously not good and it's not healthy. You don't have to follow my advice but in my personal experiences, it helped. I think the dream means you've opened a door that you weren't suppose to open (a spiritual door). I'm just guessing but maybe you're trying to find acceptance or you're trying to find yourself but keep getting lost and looking (in the mirror) and not liking how you've become. But you keep running away from yourself and getting into things (opening doors) that you shouldn't get into. Even though it seems inviting, you know it's not right and you shouldn't be there. But in this dream, you obviously opened a door that you shouldn't have opened. As a caring person, I recommend praying but you really don't have to if you're not into that stuff.