What else can we do for a batchelorette party?

So I am Maid of honour and I am organising the batchelorette party/hens night.
Pretty much most of the control has been taken over by the bride as she knows exactly what she wants which is a mens strip club in the city, with a package that includes dinner, still life drawing class with a naked guy, a show with front row seats, pole dancing class followed by a private show just for the party in the back room. Pretty much all I have to do is send out invites, collect everyones money and book it. Feels like I should be doing more for her seeing as I am her best friend. What else can I do to make it a bit more special seeing as it looks like this place is going to be hard to top? (She has told me she wants "dicks everywhere!" Lol if that helps!)


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  • haha dicks everywhere?
    hopefully certainly bodily fluids aren't flying too :P

    • Yeh she is a pretty out there kind of chick. Has no shame loving dick, being best friends for 10 years we have to have some similarities/interests in common 😉 hahah

      As fun as that would probably be I'm hoping not so her Fiancé doesn't get angry with me! 🙊

    • keep the cum in the strippers/dancers bodies lol

    • Hahah Agreed.

What Girls Said 1

  • Is this a bachelorette weekend? That sounds like a lot of stuff. If that's what she wants to do why not just do it?

    • No just one night, it is a package deal that is run by the male strip club everything is included will be a whole night out. After the shows and stuff end it becomes a night club which saves us from having to run around all night in heals. I'm defiently doing it as per her request I'm asking what else can I do/personal touch wise just so it's not 100% predictable and she gets some sort of surprise.