My ex girlfriend said I was too stingy as a result me breaking up with her?

I gave her many things but excluded my rare collection of chocolates inside my private freezer.
How does making a restricted area or a forbidden zone make you stingy?

Lol, now my friends see me as a greedy person since I have so many... They've all taken something from it and denied it.

They aren't wiilling to buy back those chocolates, they aren't even sold in stores.

  • No you're not stingy, just another collecter
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  • Nope, you're very stingy
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  • Why not just eat the 'rare' chocolates?
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  • If I were her, i'da broken into your chunky chocolate freezer when you weren't home, and stuffed every last confection down my gullet. Several hours later, I'd pinch a big chocolatey steamer onto a plate and put it where the chocolates had been in the freezer. Then I'd hire a couple of pro boxers to make you eat it!

    You seem to be just a little too preoccupied with them candies.

    • Chocolates now a days however doesn't have that rich taste the previous product had.
      There weren't that many chemicals added to those either.

      Now their smaller and tastless... That's why I collect them though, to remember their rarities.
      I will sell the entire freezer on auction one day for a million bucks.

    • As long as Lindt is still crankin' out the goods, ain't nobody with the sense of a Klan member gonna pay no million bucks fer your chocolatey freezer box! When the right woman comes along you'll forget about them frozen Fanny Farmers.