I can't open up to people?

I dont know why, but for as long as i can remember i have had problems sharig my feelings, and the few times i did i only gave half or less than what i really felt. This often resulted intp small outburst or overrreactions (in other peoples eyes), i couldnt even open up o my best friend of 7 years.

The thing is, i have no idea why i am like this. Anyone who is the same that knows whats going on?


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  • for me, it's a defense mechanism

    • makes sense.. i have a feeling its somewhat the same for me.. do you have any plans for trying to open up? how do you deal with all the bottled up feelings?

    • someday, i hope. i had a shot, but i screwed up... that was 6 years. i do the only thing i can do... fight through the pain. though, on your own, it's loosing battle.

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