Who are your favorite & least favorite candidates for 2016 elections?

Who's the candidate you'll vote for & who's the one you dislike/disagree with the most? (There wasn't any space left to put Donald Trump in the options.)

Me: Bernie Sanders & Ted Cruz

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  • Ben Carson
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  • My favorite is by far Bernie. Least favorite... that's kinda hard. I hate pretty much all the other ones including Hillary. Trump is exceptionally dumb but he's actually not as right-wing as other republicans. He's just incredibly uninformed and he's views are all over the place (plus, he changes them every few weeks). What I do know about Trump is that he certainly doesn't mean everything he says. He might be outstandingly dumb but he knows that a law such as "muslims can't enter the country anymore" will never exist. It goes against the constitution and a number of international treaties. He knows exactly that this is impossible. But he still says it because he understands it's great for publicity. Ted Cruz on the other hand is not quite as dumb as Trump but he's a religious fanatic and pretty much as right-wing as you can get. Oh and he constantly lies about everything. So therefore, I'd say my least favorite is Ted Cruz.

    • I hate to sound like a fanatic, but if I was religious I'd say Ted Cruz is devil on earth. I read all of the candidates' opinions on abortion. All the Republicans were against it or indifferent, but his statements made my my blood run cold. I was going to quote them here, but I gave up. "Protecting the sanctity of life and marriage" = The end of gay and women's rights. Can you imagine?

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    • Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel. I also hate how he's always so... let's call it "flamboyantly pious". For example when he gave his speech after the caucus in Iowa, he started by shouting "GOOOOOD BLESS IOWA!" And about every third word in his speech was something like "Jesus" or "our lord" etc. It made me wanna throw up. You know, I don't mind people believing in something. I'm an atheist but it's okay. We have freedom of religion and all, it's really no problem for me. People can believe whatever they want. But the way Ted Cruz shoves his faith down your throat is just super annoying. Oh and I also hate how in every freaking interview, he looks so smug. He constantly has this smug smiles on his face as though he wanted to tell you "I'm so much smarter than you".

    • EXACTLY. I'm fucking done with people like him using religious demagoguery to trick people.

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  • favorite is Bernie - his socialist ideas, though a little frightening, are way less frightening than the other ridiculous ideas some people have.

    least favorite - that's hard. Ben Carson thinks he is good at everything just because he's a neurosurgeon. and trump is just a buffoon.

    • Just wondering, why do you think socialism is frightening? It's not communism.

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    • It's not that people share money %100 equally no matter what their job is, it's that poor people should have a good standard of living

    • I am fully aware people won't be sharing money entirely equally but I just don't agree with his plans. He has good intentions, I just think his way of executing them is less than ideal.

  • Favourite is Bernie, least favourite is Trump.

  • All these Bernie supporters on here thinking things can actually be "free" *sigh*

    Out of these I like Ben Carson

  • Bernie all the way!
    Trump & Hilary need to go. 👎👎
    It sucks because i miss the voting day by a couple days so I won't be able to vote. 😒

  • I like Bernie sanders. I hate Donald trump, Ted Cruze, Marco Rubio... how bout just republicans altogether and Hillary Clinton.

  • I was considering Hilary, but now I'm feeling Bernie. Sorry Hilary... :(

  • Favorite: Bernie
    Least favorite: Trump the toilet dump.