Could I survive on a 16GB Iphone 6S?

I have a 5 at the moment. I've used 8GB so far. I dont use apps and barely record videos. I also have no itunes. All I really use is the Internet, Youtube, and the Camera (which I've used 4GB on 8595 photos). Oh yea and I store my text messages "forever" but other than that, I've only used 8GB. So do you think I could survive with a 16GB Iphone 6S? Could i still save over 8000 photos?


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  • I found the bigger memory to be better and resells for more latter when you upgrade, I would go for the extra memory, right out of the box it already uses up almost 8gb

    • Dang that sucks! I notice that i have a 16GB phone but out of the box it was only 12.5 GB left. Now i've used 8.3 GB of that

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    • Dang, well thanks :)

    • Just pointing out a few things that used to bother me but my kids have the 16 and complain a lot but oh well

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  • Yes, 16GB would suffice for you.

    • Lol yay! Cause i really dont wanna pay an extra $100 for 64 Gig

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    • Don't be paranoid, it won't cause issues! I store a lot of stuff in the cloud, and I know several people (including girls) who do so. Never faced issues.

    • Lol ok i may try

  • Yes 16 is better for you

    • Thank goodness ;-)

    • Lol

      There is a new coming out by the way
      Iphone 5se in a couple of months. Its like the 6 except the size of the 5

    • Yea I seen. I may get it just for the colors

  • Yes but the question is why do you need an iPhone 6s for if you dont use the camera or apps?

    There are a lot of way cheaper options.

    • No i use the camera! I have 8595 photos so far. But i barely use the VIDEO camera. I only have 1 video so far

    • alrighty then

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