Revenge can feel really good. Do you agree?

I know revenge is not the way to go, it's bad and all... You always see on movies that when the heroe goes on the revenge path, he/she always ends up miserable blablabla. But in reality, what was your experience like? I'm a nice person, but if you do mess with me at a deep level, I will retaliate. And well, it did feel good to succeed.


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  • Yes revenge is sweet. ]:! I can be very vindictive xD

  • there's no other feeling like it, when you get your revenge just the way you wanted it.

    • I know, it's bad right. I feel like Dark Vador somehow.

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    • Don't know about justice, but I did have a glass of champagne after that. And it tasted amazing (even though it was cheap)

    • BAHHAAA. anon i fucking love you. be my friend you awesome chump ;)

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