How far along am I?

Hi ladies and Gentlemen (: !! Recently found out I was pregnant ! Omg had all the symptoms so I knew something was wrong with me. I took the clear blue test that shows you how far along you are. It said I'm 1 - 2 weeks , but I feel like I may be further than that. I don't have a doctors appointment yet but I'm scheduling one for next week !! I'm new at this so please tell me everything I need to know.. Thank you so much !!


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  • Congratulations!!! 😁 but we're not psychic lol... You didn't even give any details of anything, just that you're pregnant, so how will we know?
    It's worked out by your last period.
    So use this, input your details and it should tell you.
    Really though, you don't really get symptoms in the first two weeks, so you may well be further along.

    Congratulations, enjoy the feeling, I know 9 months seems ages, but it's over so fast. Good luck with everything.