What ability would you like to have out of these?

  • Teleportation
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  • Flying
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  • Breathing underwater
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  • Shapeshifting, Metamorphosis
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  • Creating unpenetrable mental shield around your body
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  • Shooting energy bolts from your hands
    Vote F
  • Precognition, Clairvoyance (perceiving events in the future before they happen)
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  • Precognition or Clairvoyance, because that would get me a Lottery Jackpot ;)
    Teleportation and Mental Shield would be my next choices :)


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  • Breathing underwater, because that's a wish of mine.

    I even have vivid dreams about breathing/living underwater
    where normal people probably would dream of flying and such.. ^.^

  • Teleportation seems awesome. I remember that when I was in High School people told me I could teleport because I can be very sneaky when I want to hehe.

  • Why no telekinesis or ability to stop time?

    • Telekinesis is ok I guess, but ability to stop time is kinda too unrealistic :P

  • The ability to cause explosive diarrhea by looking at someone.

  • I already have clairvoyance so flying shapeshifting and sheild. Only firebolts if in a hostile environment.

    • You have clairvoyance... really? Tell me the lottery numbers for this week :P

    • I have it but I am far from that precise. I can tell an event before it happens. I need to hone my skills a bit before I can do that.

    • Oh, right, ok then, when you perfect your skills, just let me know ;)

  • G would be depressing. So you'd know when people you know are going to die, but can't do anything about it...

    • Maybe you could prevent it somehow...

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