Future with Apple or google?

Do you think in like 100-200 years from now apple or google can control the world apple is roughly worth $750 billion and i think their going to start buying countries they could buy one country after another from the money they make from other countries they probably won't be in control of the laws etc. but they would get to take a piece of the tax money, just a theory?


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  • More people use Google than Apple. iPhones are the most popular single phone, but the majority of the population doesn't have one because they have something else which runs on Google. Apple is also using the main business strategy of exploiting people who are ignorant about technology and being as shiny and cute as possible. Once the new generations understand advanced technology easily Apple will lose a large portion of their sales.
    However there is nothing Google/Android can do to compete with Apple's "Pretty Factor". They could have a half mm. phone with 6 GHz and 10 TB, but if Apple's new phone has a cute furry case and makes a kitty meow every time you touch an app then Apple will sell more.

  • Well if its anything like history of Rockefeller then a company that gets too large will be forced to divide into smaller companies. A monopoly isn't good for economic reasons and they would make smaller companies to balance out the market.