What the heck is up with these people who think you can get autism from vaccination?

How the hell do you get a neurological condition from a vaccination? ANd why are they so afraid of autism? I'm surprised you don't see people claiming that people get autism from the bite of anouther autistic!


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  • very old misinformation

    • I have Asperger's myelf, and I can assure you that while it does suck at times, it's nowhere near as bad as these people act. I mean, you'd think that autism was some kind of turbo napalm cancer or something.

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  • My autism gives me joy in chewing on products containing gluten. So good!

    I was vaccinated. Coincidence? I think not!

    • I have a GAG account. I've also been fat for nearly as long as I can remember. coincidence?

    • Fat makes people autistic holy shit!

  • Because the government created AIDS, man!

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