I have been taking iron tablets and visiting Canada I`m afraid my blood will rust how can I prevent this?

I suffered from anemia so my family doctor prescribed me some iron tablets and to eat green stuff now he says that willspike my blood iron and Im afraid when I visit my cousins in Canada because its cold the iron will rust, I know from school science that oxygen which is in the blood will rust iron.
So how do I prevent that?

people are taking the piss and Im really freaked out


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  • That doesn't happen. I live in Michigan and take iron and have no issues at all. It's not even possible anyways, your body temp wouldn't drop low enough and the iron from your body isn't the same as iron metal that rusts.


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  • Rusting blood cells will be the least of your problems. As you go farther north you'll be inexplicably drawn to the magnetic north pole. Once you enter Nunavut you'll be dragged through miles of tundra past polar bears and caribou only to be permanently frozen in an ice floe (well until global warming finally frees you in 2044).

    Sry, jk. The iron in your blood is bound to hemoglobin and it's neither magnetic nor will it rust.


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  • You need to drink some anti-corrosion primer and wrap yourself in plastic foil to prevent oxidization.

  • Get rustoleum and folllow the directions to prevent rust.

  • Temperature won't affect anything, oxygen is in the blood at any temp.

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