Is he just "weird " or is it something more to it?

So yesterday at work this guy, Who I dont normally work with, was there. I know that we work the same place, but I dont know his name etc.

So what happend:

Whenever I walked towards him (normally looking at the grown or thinking about other stuff) he Would stare at me.

When I walked past him at work he said "hi". In Those kind of situation when you have already said hi and this is the end of the shift, you normally Just smile and sometimes not even that (thats why I noticed it so much)

He asked "are you stalking me?" Jokingly ofc. Anyway the thing I noticed the most was the staring /looking. But I know he is a bit weird, so I can't decide if he's Just weird or if there is something more there.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Talk about over analyzing. This was nothing, learn to stop reading into things so much.

    • I dont normally, but he stood out compared to everyone else that night. Thats why om asking

    • And he was staring a lot, and when people barely payed any attention to me he was, you guessed it, staring at me. . But ofc I could Just be imagine things

What Girls Said 1

  • If Looks could Kill here, dear, I would say a Bit of "Play" Around the Water cooler And... He likes You.
    Nothing Else Not so 'Bit weird' but Could be Something More in Store if you Initiate and Take More Notice.
    Good luck and the Ball and All is In your own Court after 5. xx

    • Well I have a hard time beliving he likes me, he might think im cute, but I couldnt imagine it being anything else

    • lol.. Hmmm, probably would love a date. xxoo