East and West. Why difference?

Try to explain the incredible huge gap between Western civilization and Eastern one ( include middle east). Why is Europe on its level and why other countries no? Do you know why? Do you have opinion? Write it.


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  • Like all eastern says 'East is perfect' is really a big bullshit and they know it very well. Pain, blood, tear, death, all the worse things are there.

    Human rights, peace and safety is only on the west and thats why all of them are running to the west.

    To make the east peacefull place, Easterns must first change mentality and stop fighting with each other and others who is different than them.

    '' Great people deal with the problem/events, little ones only with the people.'' That is one of the biggest reasons why east can't develop.


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  • Are we assuming that Germany and everything to the left of it is the West, and Poland and everything to the right of it is the East?
    In that case, I'd say that the main difference between the two sides, is that the West is kinda demoralized and really into the extreme political correctness, and the East is more traditional. I have no idea why though.

    If that made any sense XD

    • I was on the East for 3 years. So I disagree. East isn't traditional at all ( only in relegion mostly fanatic)

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    • you're just liar. Thats all.

    • It's called going incognito.

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  • Everyone wants to reach the west. You can make fun of our political correctness or our tolerant values and laws, but if its that bad why do we have so much migration toward these countries?
    Eastern Europe and in particular the middle east doesn't have much going for it.

    • Yes. Why everybody wants to go West? When East is so perfect? Good answer.

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