Which gender is more likely to do evil to the opposite sex?

Women still believe all guys only want them for sex, and I think that that's evil.
While many men only seek women for pleasurable reasons which I also think is evil.
I'd say equal, but lets hear your oppinions?

  • Men are more likely to do a woman wrong
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  • Women are more likely to do a man wrong
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  • Equal?
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Actually men rape so I change my mind, men are more evil...


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  • men and women cheat on partners at a comparable rate.

    they use people for personal gains and manipulate at a comparable rate. how they manipulate and what the end goals are don't matter, what matters is how common it is.

    men and women hit each other at the same rate (yes. women hitting men is as common, if not more common. just because they tend to go unreported and do less damage does not mean it is not an act of violence.

    female rape victims, and male "forced to penetrate" (aka, rape) numbers are almost equal. that means, despite feminists losing their shit about this, they sexual assault at roughly the same rate.

    in most ways you could show men victimizing women, or women victimizing men, studies show they happen at similar levels.

    it is NOT one gender that abuses the other more. It is the bad people who are in both genders who hurt people, in both genders.

    • Men sell women in Mexico, women aren't allowed to walk on the streets without a man as if their dogs..

      Nope, men are a thousand times more evil than women.

    • Not only in Mexico women are products but countries like japan and the US sell them underground.

    • don't ask a question if you don't want to hear something outside your preferred fucking answer.