Am I the only person who sees some of the things on here and has a first reaction that others would likely see as horribly inappropriate?

For instance, looking at one of the rate me pictures, my immediate thought was that the person in the picture had one of those smug looking faces that screams "Hit me". I know I'm anti-social, but I am that rare in the degree to which I react? What have your harshest reactions been to others on here even if you didn't share them at the time?


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  • Oh god definitely and I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    Mainly again when I see the 'How Do I Look?' and you look at some of the girls profiles with body pictures everywhere you go, and then talk about how they get so many messages, and to only message me if you fit this criteria etc.

    I swear to god, when these kind of people end up having a go at someone and feeling good about making that person feel bad, calling them perverts because they said something nice about their body, I really just want to rip my hair out.


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  • Yeah there is quite a bit of weird stuff on here
    Like I mean I am a weird person I have fetishes that not many people have even heard of but still it always surprises me what people ask
    Like one guy asked
    Is it ok to cheat
    Or is it ok to rape a girl
    Or if a girl says don't cum inside her should I cum inside her or not
    It's like really people do you have to ask those kind of question aren't they all so obvious
    It's just a matter of morals
    It just really disgusts me when I see that sort of stuff