Why do people care about what other people do with their body?

When I was younger I didn't care as much but now I do. I have a plan to save up for surgery in the future. I have no chest or a butt so I've always been teased for that, and it's not like my assets are small, it's actually literally not noticable like a boy's body. Not only that but I have masculine facial features and a natural athletic body, I'm the only person that looks like this in my family. Its like all the female genes skipped me and went to everyone else. I've also been getting into buying lotions that brighten my skin color. I've always wanted my mother's skin color (she has a yellow tone, my father has an ebony tone) and when people tease that she's not my mother it just makes me feel worse. I feel like I would feel better and have better confidence after going through this, I'm just afraid of people's reactions, especially my family and have been getting positive attention from that. I don't see anything wrong with people who have a body/skin color similar to mines. This is an opinon towards myself and I see nothing wrong with people wanting to change their look since we can't choose our appearance in the first place.

*that brighten my skin color and I have been getting positive attention from that*


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  • I don't see anything wrong with you.


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