I know people from school who are either married, engaged or have kids. My longest relationship was 3 months?

I'm 18, I've now left school and I'm in collage I was the youngest in my year so for argument sake l'm 19, most of the people I know from my year are either married, engaged, have kids, a full time jobs, and there own house. My longest relationship was 3 months, I've never had any form of job except when I customer car come into the college (when I say 'customer' I mean a friend of someone who works in the workshop) I live with my parents, I feel so behind.


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  • Most people your age aren't married or engaged and don't have kids


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  • You're 18! What's the rush?
    Live life at your own pace, don't worry so much about others. You're not exactly behind schedule or anything, I think most 18 year olds either still live at home or are sharing a shitty apartment with 3 other guys, and are more concerned about getting booze by the weekend than they are about mortgage payments or picking up diapers on the way home from work.

    • I live in the UK so I should've really had my first part time job 2 years ago, and I'm able to pull up 8 couple on Facebook who were in my comprehensive school that have a kid, I thought that it was surly a one off but looking at other social networks including tindr it is pretty much the common trend in my area. I have a bike because I can't afford a car, car licence or car insurance, and nearly everyone in my college course drives a car. I want to be over exaggerating, the truth is I'm not.

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    • I have handed out more CVs than I care to rememeber I have had 0 texts, calls, or emails and 0 interviews as a result on tesco and mcdonalds I can't even pass the online screening process. My college course is a motor vehicle maintenance and repair course in an actual garage, I work 8-4 Monday - Friday doing a lot of heavy lifting so come 4 o'clock I am fucking knackered and barely have the energy to ride home, I know your thinking "you don't get tired on a motorbike" fuck off how often do you see a fat guy on a sports bike, so I don't want to work afternoons thank you very much, so I apply for weekends, but no one is fucking interested.

    • Well, if you're free from 4pm on and don't want to work afternoons/evenings, that's your decision, but keep in mind that's part of what's probably keeping you from getting a job.

      Also, after handing in your applications or resume's to potential employers, do you follow up with a phone call to let the hiring manager know that you're serious and interested in the job?
      That's a little detail that can make a big difference. If they get 15 applications for the job and only 3 people call a few days after applying to follow up, it's PROBABLY going to be those 3 who get interviews, or at the very least those 3 will stand out as go-getters who REALLY want the job, while the other applicants aren't seen as ambitious or serious.

      What about doing jobs on the side for people, like oil changes and brake jobs? I'm sure you can find people who need brake pads but want to save a few bucks and are willing to hire you instead of taking their car to a shop.
      Or what about working in a parts store?